Napowrimo prompt #2 A poem that ends with a question.



Rivers rounding stones, your memory barbing my eyes, the last moment


at the hospital clinging to air

beaded with monsoon rain at the windows

your breath like prints fading

the mist of you alive.

Sunny-side-up-years glistening on us.

Togetherness is so fragile. For dinner

I eat scrambled nights shoving them around

the plate of solitude. Good you’ll never know

hunger now. At the mountain retreat last month they taught me to let go.


Don’t destroy your body, they  said. I dropped my gaze to my knuckles


felt the icy wind’s rasping ire. Don’t I know how short  patience is with grief?


My flight back home in a rain drenched craft, bobbing and heaving

like months of the year, finally landing into

a golden afternoon. The weight on my face

responding to light. Fleeing like everything

I’d ever held. Grief, a pleasant friend

sheepish for always knocking.

Which of my bones lets it in?


Napowrimo prompt #1 Write an instruction poem. Instructions for a Hydroponic Heart

  1. Assemble the skeleton so that there’s extra thoracic space.
  2. Mix Blood and Tears in the heart’s tank.
  3. Attach the heart to cerulean loss and coral gain.
  4. Tie it to the trellis of emotions.
  5. Turn on your breath and monitor its beats daily. Check for the slightest squealing sounds.
  6. Monitor its growth. Its expansion, fullness, copiousness. Snip off all lingering roots of emptiness, however tiny.
  7. Inspect for fly-spangled pests of anger and cleaving diseases of ruthlessness.
  8. Check if it’s stopped bristling, contracting, sinking, tightening. Hydroponic hearts are buoyant. Always whole. They always float.

Awarded The Gayatri GaMarsh Memorial Prize 2015

I'm chuffed to share that Ananda Mandir based in New Jersey , USA has conferred on me the Gayatri Memorial GaMarsh Award for 2015. When Mr. Prannoy Chatterjee, Chairperson of Ananda Mandir, called me and made the announcement, I thanked him for the honor and told him how validating it was that one's poetry was liked and appreciated. That's what gives immense satisfaction - that validation.

Gayatri GaMarsh Memorial Awards For Literary Excellence
Gayatri Memorial Awards were established in 2010 to recognize authors who have demonstrated excellence in writing through their published essays, poems, short stories or plays. The awards have been made possible through a significant contribution from Jerry GaMarsh, husband of late Gayatri GaMarsh. Gayatri was an accomplished author and artist – and a key member of the editorial team of Ananda Sangbad and Anandalipi. 

Two cash awards are given each year to recognize outstanding works published in North America-based literary magazines within the last five years. One award will be given to an author of Bengali works, and another will be given to an author in English. Each award will consist of $500 in cash and a certificate. 

The Gayatri Memorial Awards are administered through the Awards & Recognition Subcommittee of Ananda Mandir. Deadline for nominations (with supporting documents) for the 2015 awards is July 31, 2015. Awards will be announced and presented in the Fall of 2015. For further details please contact Debajyoti Chatterji ( or Guru Chakravarty ( 

Please visit for more details.


"I want to write till my last breath." Interview, Spark Dec 2014

The December 2014 issue is the 60th monthly issue of the journal and thus a special occasion for the entire team and for the readers who relish the magazine month after month. To mark the occasion, Anupama and Vani - editors, Spark have put together a pearl string of interviews with the writers they cherish and who contribute regularly to their magazine. The end result is indeed an hour or two of mesmerizing reading and enrichment. I too happen to be a bead in that pearl necklace. You can read my interview here:


Ashes Of A Day

Ashes Of A Day

Already, the day is in my hands

though it's not yet broken free of the night.

Fragmented and fractured at the crack of dawn.

All of it crumpled like ash on my palm,

before it's even begun.

A day lodged whole in the oesophagus 

A start slapped to the finish line like an unhedged bet.

Nothingness riding the body like a fever

Mercury rising in thermometer veins, like hysterical laughter.


My poem wins the NIRBHAYA book contest

A month ago I wrote about Kusum Choppra who has compiled a book of short stories titled NIRBHAYA. The stories represent the core courage that women possess and exhibit when faced with bitter obstacles in life. As a part of the exercise to promote the book, the team Organised a contest inviting writings that  portray the indomitable spirit of womanhood. I submitted my entry too - a poem titled Attracted To Sin, and it was adjudged the winner.


Poem in Earthen Lamp Journal

Proud to featured in the Earthen Lamp Journal edited by Divya Dubey. I dedicate this poem Black Lead, to all my Tibetan Friends...for their interminable struggle against oppression and exploitation and their indomitable spirit to claim their share of justice on this globe. I also dedicate it to the sweet, friendly relations that India shares with Tibet and Indians share with Tibetans at a deeply human level.


Nothing Like Winning! First Prize in the Wordweaver's Contest.

I submitted my entry to the WordWeaver's Contest in August, I think. Or perhaps earlier than that. My poem House For Sale was inspired by a true incident in Mumbai. Poetry is often triggered that way - by the things we see happening around us. This was one such poem.

During the selection process my entry first made it to the Longlist and then a month later to the shortlist.

The results were announced today i.e. 1st November 2014. I was pleased that my poem was chosen the winner from amongst so many wonderful entries! Yes...there's nothing quite like winning! I'm all smiles now. Thank you Escribes!

Here's the poem- 

Four Poems in RædLeafPoetry-India

Linda Ashok or Lee as I call her is a poetry promoter with a difference. Yes she, like many others has a wonderful website to promote excellent poetry from all over the world. Yes, she also has a wonderful poetic sensibility like many other splendid poets. What sets Lee apart, is her soul. Her passionate, righteous, tender soul that bleeds like an open wound when the underprivileged suffer or when injustice is in the air and burns like a hot flame, scorching anyone trying to pass off mediocrity for real creative talent and trying to cut corners to just put their work out into the world. For Lee, poetry must be gut wrenching, sword-like, blending blood and tears together and yet flying away tenderly with your soul.

How I love this 28 year old, upright, liberated poet cum promoter of poetry!  I'll have all you readers know that she chose my picture to go with the poems herself, from my Facebook album! That's Lee!

Four of my poems are up on the site.