A poem in Open Road Review

It's always a special feeling to be published in the Open Road Review - Kuldeep Yadav's literary journal of excellent quality and content. The poetry section is edited by Pooja Garg Singh.

My poem on revisiting an old hometown is in the current issue of ORR. 

Here's the link: 

Also posting the poem here:

The Town Is No More
only the graves remain.
Trees rest on walls
tired of growing.
Breeze limps through its branches like an injured bird.
I recognize the faces
that have changed
but forget those that haven’t.
Sometimes I wing my way to its waiting bosom
even though really, I walk.
Reach its soil and bury the roses no longer in bloom.
Then, leaning against the dusty pigeon tower
amidst reborn skies and
abandoned corners, I whisper to its winds:
No, your wheat has not ripened in vain
nor your sun failed to warm my blood
I am cold only because of the shadows in your old eyes.