Nirbhaya Anthology by Kusum Choppra

What happens when women want more from life?

NIRBHAYA is a unique writing project that ropes in sisterhood across generations and takes on the tyranny of unwritten rules, customs and misdemeanours to help women find their place in the sun.  

Strange stories evolve: NIRBHAYA & OTHERS WHO DARED is that Anthology of Hope. 

Nirbhaya’s women are grandmas, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives: brutally gang raped, inhumanly burnt for dowry, shunned from their rightful inheritance, deserted by their families or may be, just living a lifetime ‘adjusting and tolerating’.    

Finally the traumatized, broken spirits lift. They learn to think out of the box, find incredible new age solutions to age-old problems. 

Quietly but firmly they stake out their own space and live in it. No loud speeches, no bra burning; just a new quiet resolve to live their lives with dignity and courage. Doing what is right and simply going about their lives - tacitly challenging anyone who threatens to impose on their space.

The message here is that the new dawn on women's horizons is quiet but promising, soft but with a blazing core of gold and tentative but full of new directions and firm vigour. No atrocities can suppress the beautiful female spirit any longer. 

The proposition is that every female has a Nirbhaya in her that can evolve to take a step forward, sans confrontation, with the confidence of sisterhood. 

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Here's raising a toast to Kusum for this incredibly relevant work and wishing her book all the success!