For The Girl Child

Statistics indicate that the horrific act of female feticide is more prevalent in the states of Rajasthan and Haryana than anywhere else in India.

As I belong Rajasthan and dearly love it topography and people, I feel particularly shameful when I face such a fact. 

I wrote this poem keeping these sentiments in mind. It's been published in the March 2014 issue of Spark , a magazine published from Bangalore, edited jointly by Anupama and Vani.

Both editors are dilligently, hardworking and extremely disciplined with their work. It's no small effort to bring out a journal month after month especially if it's as enriched and diverse as Spark. I love the fact that they theme their monthly issues...that way readers know what to expect when they pick up the magazine.

Thank you Anupama and Vani for always, always publishing my work.

I dedicate this piece to honor the girl child on the occasion of Woman's Day being celebrated on 8th March.

Please follow this link to read the poem in the magazine :